Pre school classes overview

Here at Leeds gymnastics club, our Pre-school gymnastics programme gives young children from only a few weeks old up to the age of 5 the opportunity to develop fundamental physical movements. These include running, jumping, hopping and skipping, along with gymnastics specific education, etiquette and activity.

Fun 4 baby

This class is for children who have not yet taken their first steps. The class offers babies the opportunity to become familiar with the gymnastics environment and initiate their body co-ordination with the help of a parent/guardian. One coach instructs the class but parent/guardian must be present with each baby. The content of the class requires the parent/guardian to be active for the babies benefit.
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Under 3s (Crazy Caterpillars)

This class is for children who are able to walk, up to 3 years of age. The class offers children the chance to begin to build a bond with somebody other than a parent, relative or guardian – their coach. Although a parent/guardian is still required to be in the class. This class gives children under 3 the opportunity to follow instruction perhaps for the first time from a non-relative. Structure for this class includes a warm up with songs to encourage speaking and dancing. We also use hand apparatus to develop fine motor skills and a large apparatus circuit to develop, both fundamental, and gymnastics specific skills.
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Over 3s (Groovy Grasshoppers)

This class is for children aged 3 up until they begin school. The class aims to work alongside the nature of going to nursery and eventually school with parent/guardian no longer being involved in the session. This can sometimes be daunting for the child which is why beginning in an under 3s class or Fun 4 Baby can be beneficial and the transition can be easier. Children in this class are given the opportunity to build independence in preparation for their first day at school. They will make friends and further developing their gymnastic ability. Structure of the class is very similar to an Under 3s class, however gymnastic content will differ slightly.
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Parents of children currently in our Pre-school programme sometimes say ‘I don’t think it’s for my child, they don’t seem to be paying attention during the class or following the instructions very well.’ I always remind parents that every child matures and develops at their own pace and these children are very young. What the programme does is give the opportunity for children to mature and develop their gymnastics ability in a controlled environment. They will also pick up valuable life skills along the way. Waiting in a queue, reward from hard work, following instructions, when to listen and when to talk, good manners and perhaps the most important, promoting good behaviour and social etiquette.

by Liam Pearson, MA, Development and Pre-School Gymnastics Coach