We are aware of the difficulties of having no viewing area, and we thank all our customers for bearing with us during these difficult times. We of course want to give you the opportunity to watch your classes, whilst at the same time reducing risk of Covid spread to our customers and staff. 

As you will see, we have invested in three new TVs and a CCTV camera system which will live stream all parts of the gym onto the new screens. This means that parents can remain sitting at their tables and watch their children on the TVs.

We must still be conscious of the risks involved in opening our waiting area, and we will be running the area slightly differently. We kindly ask all our members to be patient and considerate of others inside the building.

The images we stream are live, without sound, are not stored on any device and images cannot be replayed

Before & after your class:

  1. Children will continue to enter through our car park Fire Exit
  2. Once parents have dropped their children off at the car park door, they can move around the building to the viewing area for refreshments
  3. Five minutes before collection parents should vacate the viewing area and wait behind the cordon at the front door (this is important as we can’t have parents waiting inside the building as it causes a safety risk). 

During your class: using the waiting room

    • Whilst moving around the hallways and viewing areas masks should be worn (unless medically exempt). Once seated you can remove your masks
    • Tables and chairs will be in marked areas and should not be moved
    • The blinds will remain closed to ensure there is no overcrowding near the windows
    • Windows will be open (and must not be closed) and heating at a minimum
    • We will ask parents to wipe the tables after use
    • Parents should wash their cups after use, with only one person in the kitchen
    • Unfortunately, if you have two children in two separate classes, you will need to leave the viewing area to collect/drop off as no gymnasts can be registered from inside.
  • LGC reserves the right to refuse entry to the viewing area if it is too full or close it if we feel that safety of everyone is compromised


Taking images or video of the live streaming is strictly forbidden and will be a breach of our code of conduct which could result in the parent being excluded from the viewing area. We are very conscious of the latest government briefings, and we may take the decision to reclose the area at any time if cases continue to rise.